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Core Blue Laser

Applications, Methods and Systems for a Laser Delivery Addressable Array 10971896

Applications, methods and systems for delivering laser radiation of addressed matrix RU 2735581

Very Dense Wavelength Beam Combined Laser System 10804680

Dual Wavelength Visible Laser Source (P) (2020)

High Reliability High Power High Brightness Blue Laser Diode System and Methods of Making the Same (2019)

Long Lifetime Laser Diode Packaging (2019)

Multi-Wavelength Visible Laser Source (2019)

Multi KW Class Blue Laser System (2019)

Single Mode Blue Laser

Material Processing with Visible Raman Lasers 10562132

Monolithic Visible Light Wavelength Fiber Laser 10656328

Multi-clad Optical Fiber ZL 2018 8 0032325.4 10634842

Triple Clad Fiber 11119271



3D Printing

Devices, Systems and Methods for Three-Dimensional Printing EP 2 991 799 ES 2666379 JP 6648170 RU 2641945 CA  2,910,559 ZL 2014 8 0024305.4 KR 10-2143220 10940536

Blue Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing System (2020)

Additive Manufacturing System with Addressable Array of Lasers and Real Time Feedback Control of each Source (2019)

Visible laser Additive Manufacturing (2017)

Material Processing & Other Applications

Methods and Systems for Welding Copper Using Blue Lasers 10940562 JP 6911153

Laser Systems, Methods and Devices of Processing and Sanitizing Air Flow and Surfaces (P) (2020)

Methods and Systems for Reducing Hazardous Byproduct from Welding Metals Using Lasers (P) (2020)

Visible Laser Welding of Electronic Packaging, Automotive Electrics, Battery and other Components (2017)

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